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Emulating Nostalgia: Console vs. PC

Today I had an interesting Twitter conversation with @socialmoof( שמואל בן אתא אבא ).( Edited slightly to undo textspeak & consolidate consecutive tweets.)

שמואל בן אתא אבא : I just killed Ganon....on the first try. Was original Zelda really THAT easy?
18:34: Oct 23rd
Me: LOL I have only finished it once. And Zelda II never, now I think about it.
18:39 Oct 23rd
שמואל בן אתא אבא : you never finished Zelda II??
18:41 Oct 23rd
Me: Nope. The whole ‘“everything kills you & you get sent back to the start”’ thing was a bit much for my patience.
18:45 Oct 23rd
שמואל בן אתא אבא : well now that you can emulate, just throw on the right game genie code and you can experience the joy for yourself! :)
18:45 Oct 23rd
Me: Homo PLEASE. I ain’’t no pirate. I’’d play[ Zelda II] on my Wii using Virtual Console or my The Legend of Zelda: Collector’’s Edition GameCube disc. ;-)( & at my parents’’ house I still have my NES & original cartridge.)
18:56 Oct 23rd
שמואל בן אתא אבא : Well if you have the cart then you have a license to play!
18:56 Oct 23rd
Me: ...using the cart. The idea that owning it makes downloading ROMs legal is a big gamer myth. Almost as ridiculous as[ the notion of] possessing software & not being allowed to do any-fucking-thing I want with it( aside from distribute it free to others).
19:01 Oct 23rd
שמואל בן אתא אבא : I do not believe the original license precludes your use in other formats, particularly for backup purposes. But if you don't feel right about it, last thing I would want to you to do is go against that.
19:02-03 Oct 23rd
Me: Well, I don’’t have a law degree, but several people who do disagree with you. More pertinent, however, is the question of why I would WANT to emulate[ the game] on PC when I can hold a controller(/GBA/DS/3DS) in my hand & play on my TV or on the go. ;-p
19:13 Oct 23rd
שמואל בן אתא אבא : Well for me, it's a matter of convenience. I do so much on my computer that an extra device can be cumbersome.
19:15 Oct 23rd
Me: Console gaming is so much more visceral, though. And modern consoles have features that can’’t be emulated in a practical fashion.
19:17 Oct 23rd
שמואל בן אתא אבא : I get a degree of nostalgia out of playing console games I grew up with. Even if the controller isn't the same...
19:19 Oct 23rd
Me: But I play th[os]e[ sa]m[e games] for free( The Legend of Zelda: Collector’’s Edition was free & I’’m a 3DS ambassador, so I get Zelda II free on 3DS too) or low cost with controllers that ARE almost[ the same]. ...I guess my point is that even nostalgia can be more visceral depending on the medium. ;-)
19:25-29 Oct 23rd
שמואל בן אתא אבא : Well, to each their own! Heck, I enjoy playing Pac-Man on my iPhone! :)
19:30 Oct 23rd
Me: And that’’s way cool. But it’’s not the same[ feeling] as holding a joystick; for The Legend of Zelda I want my Nintendo A & B buttons & +Control Pad.
19:33 Oct 23rd

So what do other ga(y)mers think? Does the input device affect your experience when you play classic video games?

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