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So apparently while I was in Germany for a week someone decided that the security company stickers in the windows of my first-floor condo were just for show. They’re not, fortunately, and (s)he apparently went into the hall and set off the motion detector before bothering to loot any of the stuff from the guest bedroom where (s)he cut the screen and destroyed the window lock. Not that there was much there, but there were a few electronics and collectibles which I had been forced to move from the most secure room( mine) to the only unalarmed one( at the time, have remedied that now) because of a leak from the thaws when our downspouts freeze.
It stretches credulity to say that only the second attempt ever to break in here, and the first serious one, just happened to occur while I was out of town. Clearly it was either someone I know whom I told I was gone, which is unlikely because of how few friends actually know where I live, or some neighborhood punk happened to notice that the TV, which I always normally leave on, was not. Guess from this point forward, it stays on.
While it’s a little disturbing that someone got in, since (s)he didn’t get anything, I think I’m actually more irked at the police leaving nasty dirty boot prints all over my recently mopped floors and some of the papers and stuff that were strewn about in my rush to pack. For all their poking about, it’s not like they took fingerprints( or photos, as far as I know) or indicated in any way that they really care. I don’t think they bother much with anything short of violence or grand larceny.
I dunno, maybe the break-in is just taking time to sink in. Or maybe not. Either way it is really sucking that I got in 6 hours ago after a 3-hour train ride and 8-hour flight and I can’t collapse properly or even just take my sandals off to get comfortable because of the dirt on the floors.( I normally don’t even allow outdoor shoes in here.) I’m exhausted and sick with cold or flu or something and stuck working my ass off to clean up. I can’t even play games to relax because my mother got nervous and took them all to my parents’ house after the incident. I kind of appreciate her wanting to protect me from further violation, but honestly I just hope she didn’t break anything.
Well, we’ll see how things go from here.
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