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OMG, OMG, I’ve just been cast as Lombard in a production of And Then There Were None( original 1943 stage version) at The Footlight Club.
I am in shock, I keep feeling like maybe it was some kind of weird mistake, or I misheard. Am I just an understudy or something maybe?

This is my first show - was my first audition - in 5 years. I thought the competition was very stiff, so I know I’ll be working with some great talent. The director said my audition was really strong! He was very surprised when I told him how long it’s been( after he called to offer and I accepted the part, of course).

I don’t know how big the part is exactly, but I know Vera and Lombard outlast the victims on the island right to the end, so it probably isn’t small. I think it’s also a romantic lead, which makes me nervous - I don’t believe I have ever played one( I can’t remember whom I portrayed in The Heiress, probably Arthur - and in any case Morris, though charming, was an insincere cad - and I distinctly remember an actress refusing to kiss me). I’ve never had a stage kiss that I am aware of and I was maybe 5 years old the last time I kissed a girl I wasn’t related to on the lips.
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