Ethan Miguel S (ajournalguy) wrote,
Ethan Miguel S


Welcome, or welcome back!

I finally got sucked into social media last year, & as a result now I have begun to write again.

I have a Tumblr, & with it, the temptation to post long entries full of my opinions again! So for the time being, I will be crossposting here, there & across various social networking sites, plus eventually to a modern blog on one of the popular blogging sites of this decade( sorry, LJ. Sorry, Frank).

I have temporarily Friend-locked all my posts prior to 2011, because using this as my main blog means I’m giving the URL to my family, acquaintances & potentially even business contacts. I’ll be unlocking many entries( I hope) as I have a chance to review them & determine which content is suitable for public consumption.
I occasionally post backdated entries too( for real this time as they are already written elsewhere & merely need to be migrated); when I do I add an alert dated at the time of posting.
Hope you enjoy, & if you do tell your friends!

Back dated entries will be listed here, just so I have a list somewhere, but a new blurb post will also go up every time I post one:
   National Coming Out Day: Make It Better

Also, if you want to keep up with me elsewhere on the web, check out these links:
More for friends in a private entry. It will be either directly above or directly below this one, depending on your LJ settings.

            -Ethan Miguel S

P.S.: I edited my bio on here a bit. <LOL>( remember when it was always written like that!‽?) Check it out. tl;dr: I not only got a life, I got a new outlook on it. :-)
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