Ethan Miguel S (ajournalguy) wrote,
Ethan Miguel S

R.I.P. Stuart Walker

...and suddenly hot tears burn my cheeks and won’t stop. And I’m 15 again, railing against the world as I watch the news; beating our sturdy metal door until my fists and my feet are black & blue. And mom comes down and asks what’s wrong, and I have NO WORDS to express, the pain and the rage inside my chest.
RIP Matthew Shepard, 1976, December 1st – 1998, October 12th.
RIP Stuart Walker, 1982/3, ??? ??th – 2011, October 22nd.

Tags: 1998, 1998 october 12th, 2 o’clock, 2011, 2011 october, 2011 october 22nd, 24th, 2:47, age 15, age 28, anger, blogging, cross-posted, crying, facebook, gay, gay bashing, gay rights, glbt, glbtq, google buzz, google+, grief, hate, hate crime, hate crimes, homophobia, lgbt, lgbtq, make it better, matthew shepard, memories, monday, news, october, october 24th, outrage, pain, poetry, queer, rage, rip, sad, sadness, stuart walker, tears, tumblr, twitter
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