Ethan Miguel S (ajournalguy) wrote,
Ethan Miguel S

Monday Fun Day

Having a great day yesterday with Bj Kirk, my houseguest from Seattle. We’d known each other for 8-9 years before he first visited in 2007(?).( Hooray for the Internet & the information/communication age!)
First we went to Sorella's for brunch, I had a Spinach & Feta Croissant Breakfast Sandwich, & BJ had Crêpes de Xebrissa. Yum!
Then we went to the brewery tour at The Samuel Adams Boston Brewery, home of the Best Beer in America. Free tour, free beer, what’s not to love? I hadn’t tried their Winter Lager before, now a fan.
Afterward, we stopped back here, then we headed out for a little shopping. Ran into Kimeo Carr’s friend Frank at Jackson Square... from there we took the T to Mass Ave. & then walked up, as the #1 Bus was nowhere in sight. Apparently, I walk too fast? :-p
I popped into Best Buy Back Bay quickly, but no StreetPass luck, no BIT.Trip SAGA, & nothing good I don’t already have :-( Sad NintendoGaymer. Then we walked up Newbury Street to find some nice clothes for dinner. Ultimately went to H&M Newbury St.. BJ refused to try anything on at the store... so of course the pants he bought didn’t fit later & he had to borrow some of mine, which he says is because “[He] forgot [H&M] cater[s] to extra-skinny white people.”. :-p Aside from those, we *both* bought a cute black shirt in a size slightly too small for us. I look great in it anyway. I haven’t seen him attempt to wear it. & I got a cute jacket marked down to $35. Should be great this winter. When we finished there, we backtracked to ALDO Shoes. We browsed & some of the neat designs with straps & zippers almost me wish I wore shoes. BJ got a cute pair of these tennis/dress shoe things, which he insists fit great even though they’re 10s & he takes a 10½ or 11.( When pressed, he noted that “Sometimes being pretty hurts.”. :-p)
By that time, our dinner reservation was coming up, so I cut us over to the Prudential Center. Of course, being me, I couldn’t resist ducking into Barnes & Noble before heading downstairs. Got some Pokémon manga I’d been meaning to buy. We got on the Green Line while I explained to a resistant BJ why we use “CharlieCards” & “CharlieTickets”, but the transit service is “The T”.
We made it back to JP, I called my mother as we walked but my phone died. Seems that when my dad threw his back out Sunday, he refused to let her call an ambulance to take him to the hospital, & lay on the floor for 4 hours before he relented. Seriously? And people call ME stubborn, oy!
On the way back, we JUST missed an E Line train, so I decided to put us on the #39 Bus. Was a bit nauseated from my meds(. I’m in a study, taking Truvada as a preventative medication. It’s been shown to reduce HIV infection risk – in practical terms, none of the men taking the actual pills became infected during the double-blind portion – & now they’re in an open-label extension studying our habits & patterns with regards to taking it). :-( It was a good decision, the bus let us off right where we needed to be, only a few minutes late. We hurried upstairs & got in the high-speed elevator. Bronnie wanted to jump & feel weightless, but it’s a VERY smooth ride( although your ears do pop).
We had an amazing dinner at Top Of The Hub. Fine dining’s expensive, but at the right place it’s worth every ¢. And I’d never been up there at night before, the view of Boston from above & all lit up was breathtaking.
The headache I’d had issues with last week did return while we were there, I think it was because of the high altitude pressure change. Still worth it. So we got a cab home.
All in all I’ve been having a great time with him here. It’s been a long time since I had one of my best friends easily accessible. Now, Museum Day!( If I can wake him up. Cross your fingers.)

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